SUP Board Quickstart



Roll out your SUP board. Find the inflation valve.

A SUP board with the inflation vale at the tail of the board highlighted

Press down and release the valve to be in the up or inflation position.

While in the up/inflation position no air will escape the valve.

Two inflation valves highlighting that the correct position for inflation is up

Insert the pump into the valve.

A pump nozzle being inserted into a valve

Twist the pump valve to lock into place.

A pump nozzle locking in place

Inflate the board to 13PSI.

A SUP board info graphic highlighting the correct pressure is between 13-22PSI

Remove the pump by twisting, then screw the cover onto the valve to prevent opening the valve and releasing air.

A valve cover being secured to prevent opening

Center fin


Flip the SUP over and slide the center fin into its track.

The center fin being inserted in the slot on the bottom of the SUP board

Slide the lock through the slots on the fin and SUP.

The lock being slid through a slot at the rear of the fin and fin slot



Push down on the locking button and insert into the middle part of the paddle.

The paddle being assembled with a locking button

Insert the other paddle blade into the middle part of the paddle. Close the lock when the paddle is at comfortable length.

The paddle clamp being secured by clamp

If the paddle handle feels loose, tighten the hinge by rotating the latch clockwise.

The paddle clamp being tightened by rotating the latch

You’re now ready to go! Have Fun!

packing up


Clean any dirt, sand, mud, etc.. from equipment


Unlock the center fin, unscrew the valve cover and press the valve down to deflate.

The inflation valve in down position set to release air

Tightly roll up the SUP and slide it into the bag. The pump and paddle are stored inside the locker.

The SUP board rolled tightly and being inserted into its bag